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Is This The Scariest TV Prank Ever?

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Is This The Scariest TV Prank Ever?

A Brazilian TV show has out done itself and probably created one of the scariest TV pranks ever. On the show people were believed to have taken an ordinary elevator, thinking they are travelling up until it suddenly halts and the lights go out. Under the cover of darkness a little child, dressed like the ghost girl from The Ring, emerges from a trap door at the side and when the lights return they are greeted by her. 

Being stuck in a lift without power or light is an unsettling experience for most people – but when a little “Ghost” girl appers people start to freak out.  Some jump up in the air, others cower in the corner and some hit the emergency button. None seem to realise it is a prank.

One man is so scared he throws his hands over his face in shock – he could have died of a heart attack. I am sure some of those people will try to sue the show ! Scary Stuff

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