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Shag At Uni: University Student Launches Website for Casual Sex

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Shag At Uni: University Student Launches Website for Casual Sex

A new website has been launched to allow university students to meet for casual sex and its designer claims it is being dominated by female Oxford students – of course he would. He wouldn’t say there is nobody on there would he? Shagatuni.com encourages members to send each other saucy messages and meet up for no-strings-attached liaisons. Users are able to create a Facebook style profile, adversing explicitly that they are looking for sex.

Founder, Mr Thurlow says the site is aimed at 18-30s university students, college students and people who may be friends of students. He also claims that the highest numbers of  members are from young women studying at Oxford University.

The site advertises itself as a space for students to have sex without ‘the strings attached with dating’ and  boasts 26,933 members with 18,400 men and 8,533 women signing up for membership since it went live two months ago. Sex-crazed students aged 18-30 can create revealing profiles supplying potential suitors with descriptions of themselves and their sexual preferences. Anyone can join the site and users do not need a university email address or tie to a university institution to enter the site.
Membership is a one off £5 for men and free for women giving users the chance to message each other, “wink” at each other and arrange to meet. The National Union of Students said today that people should consider their sexual health if getting involved.

The idea is old but I guess it has never been targeted at students – it has made it into the papers and it sure will get even more popular. The site currently has loading issues but as soon as they sort that out… anything is possible.

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