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8 Facebook Facts you probably didn’t know

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8 Facebook Facts you probably didn’t know

1. Why is Facebook blue?

According to the “ Cuban Council” design agency, Mark Zuckerberg chose blue because he is colour blind.

2Facebook bought its current domain name, Facebook.com, in 2005

 Facebook was originally called “thefacebook” but in August 2005, the company paid $200,000 to change its domain name to facebook.com – with the help of Former president Sean Parker. Facebook wanted to pay in shares but the original owner of Facebook.com wanted cash – a mistake?

3. Was the idea for Facebook stolen?

 There is evidence that founder Mark Zuckerberg stole many of the ideas and much of the code from ConnectU. They sued Facebook and settled for an undisclosed amount.

4. The like button

 The like button was supposed to be called “Awesome” button – according to Facebook Engineers.

5. The Facebook Face

 Al Pacino’s face was on the original Facebook homepage

6. Facebook Photos

 Originally Mark Zuckerberg initially resisted and was against photo sharing on Facebook. Sean Parker convinced Mark Zuckerberg to add photo sharing, now the site’s most popular feature, to Facebook.

7. Zuckerberg’s talent

 One of Mark Zuckerberg’s best talents, his peers say, is his ability to fire people.

8. Is Facebook a disease?

 In a way it is… Facebook Addiction Disorder (FAD) is a term introduced by US phychologists for those who are addicted to Facebook and their life is really affected by their uncontrolled activities on Facebook.The most common effects are the loss of productivity, the inability to concentrate, the superficiality of friendships as well as isolation in the extreme cases.

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