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The CV and Application Coach: A different kind of Job

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The CV and Application Coach: A different kind of Job


Mr. Winkler on your website jova-nova.com you provide graduates and job applicants with information concerning job applications. You work as an application coach and give advice on how to improve curriculums vitae, optimize cover letters and thereby help graduates to increase their chances on the job market. In addition, on your website you also offer to evaluate and redesign the application documents of your clients.

From where do you take the ideas and the creativity to redesign the application documents such as cvs and cover letters of your clients over and over again?

The application documents I make, such as cover letters and cvs, are more like individual custom-made designs. Every client gives me a certain amount of information; it is basically like a puzzle. Then I ask my clients whether there are parts missing. Finally, I complete the puzzle and give it closure. Of course I use guidelines for my work for instance concerning the amount of text, the text editing and the design. I get creative mainly in other areas such as my articles for my own website jova-nova.com, or on Twitter and Facebook.


Where do you take the knowledge to predict what human resource managers want to hear from young professionals?

As a job applicant or someone like me who writes application documents for his clients, there is only one thing you need to know: human resources employees are doing their job. This means that job applicants make a lot of work for human resources staff in any business. This implies if you want to be a successful applicant you have to try to make less work for the human resources staff. That is: you have to display yourself and your career in the easiest and clearest possible way. The recruiter will want to see whether you are appropriate for the job and needs all the necessary information quickly and easily accessible. Every-day business for a recruiter would mean to read and carefully evaluate and judge the applicants. The easier you make the recruiters job by making your texts clear and accessible; the better are your chances.


In your job as someone who writes application documents for his clients you continuously have to put yourself in other people’s position. You have to evaluate, phrase and promote your client’s careers in a way which increases their chances on the job market. Do you find this difficult sometimes?

Well, actually I don’t promote or improve people’s careers. I determine and state their careers. I do actually take the positions my clients have. If Madame Bovary would have assigned me with helping her regain her professional re-entry I would have surely told her: “Madame Bovary, c’est moi aussi.” As long as I am writing application documents I take the position of my client. I put myself in his shoes. I find it easy to promote and help present my client and his career. I am able to recognize who my client is and where he is going. Sometimes I see my client and his future much clearer than he himself would. In any case I support my client in accepting himself and what type of a person he has developed into and together we try to make the best of it.


How did you come up with the idea to establish your own business jova-nova.com?

I was young and very fond of myself when I realized that all of the application-related literature available on the market kind of missed the point. Furiously, I even wrote a 60 paged application guide during this time. While I was still working in my regular daytime job, I additionally started to coach and council. 1997 I published the application guide, I had written, online. Ever since, I am still writing incessantly. 2001 I switched my professional identity and became a full time application coach.


 As well as writing and phrasing application documents such as cover letters and cvs, you also offer personality-seminars to your clients. What do you prefer: to give professional advice to the clients you are coaching in your seminars or to create new application documents?

People who write are obsessed. Besides, I enjoy to be completely captured by someone’s life and career while I am writing. I enjoy creating and redesigning a new and whole biography for my clients with the help of language. My clients receive a newly designed background and thereby this makes way for a new start in a new job. What more can you ask for? Personally all I wish for is for my clients to show more consistency.


Is application coach, as you call yourself, your dream job?

Does dream job mean this is the job in which you are successful enough to drop all other job options? Ok, then this is my dream job.


Why do so many job applicants have such difficulties in finding an appropriate job? Are they not well enough prepared or do they find it difficult to “promote” themselves?

Graduates have never been better prepared and skilled as nowadays. Most graduates are extremely well prepared for self-presentation, interviews and negotiation. They are experienced in pimping their cvs and expressing themselves as young professionals. Most graduates are independent and team-minded, cooperative as well as agreeable, they possess excellent leadership skills and in addition they are even sexy! Graduates nowadays incorporate absolutely everything that is expected of them. The difficulties, however, are to be found in the uniform methods that recruiters use to search for appropriate job applicants and the fact that most applicants are too conformist.


Have you ever come across a client you could not help? Someone who is kind of a special case?

There are a few people who I have been coaching and assisting for several years. They are really brave, ambitious and capable. There is nothing wrong with them. However, recruiters make their age or disability the no-go criterion.


What do you advise graduates who are well-educated and in desperate search for a job? Is there some advice you could give to us?

1.Try to gain as much practical experience along the way as possible.

2.Try to gain more knowledge while you are at the university by taking extra courses or seminars.

3.Do extra voluntary work in a political, social, athletic or artistic field.

4.Find friends, mentors or sponsors in real life.

5.Systematically use Social Media to promote yourself-we live in an extremely self-centered era.

6. When applying for jobs in written form emphasize on facts and try to draw a rating list of your own abilities and skills.

7. Test life. Don’t let it get to you. Try to see the fun in it and try to take as much positivity and feeling of freedom as possible into your entry into the working world.


How did your own life change through the launching of your business jova-nova.com?

I am starting to accept, for myself, the advice which I successfully give to other people.


What is your life motto?

I am a good golfer – no matter where I play the ball next.


Mr. Winkler we thank you for the interview.

It was my pleasure! I wish your readers good luck when job-hunting and good luck for the interviews!

The Interview and Translation by Isabel Mittelstaedt


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