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Angry Customer smashes up Mobile phone shop

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Angry Customer smashes up Mobile phone shop

Fair play – I had days where I wanted to do they same. Shop assistants can sometimes drive you mad. The 42-year-old customer appeared to go ballistic and let off fire extinguishers, pulled stock of the walls and overturned tables after going into a T-Mobile shop on Saturday afternoon. The incident at the Market Street shop in Manchester city centre brought the bustling area to a standstill as other shoppers stopped to watch – and filmed it on their own mobile phones.

As the shopper was seen to unleash an apparent three-minute trail of destruction, one member of T-Mobile staff stood by the window looking on – before calling his mobile phone to ask for help.

Moments later two burly colleagues confronted the angry customer before he was arrested and handcuffed then led away by a team of five police officers.

Footage of the rampage was posted onto video sharing site YouTube on Sunday. The clip seemingly shows the customer ripping phones from the wall and tearing down displays.

He used two fire extinguishers to ruin tables and desks before snarling at the sales assistant.

The shopper then smiles as police arrest him. The film ends with a shot which shows a large crowd of people standing motionless on the street outside.

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