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Let’s Get Jobs, the 1st social network for job hunters in the UK

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Let’s Get Jobs, the 1st social network for job hunters in the UK

The reason why I set up Let’s Get Jobs, the 1st social network for job hunters in the UK

I am Olivia Outrebon a 24 year old French Graduate from a top Business School with a Master’s degree in Marketing. As a part of my degree, I spent a semester at Cardiff University Business School in 2010. I decided to settle in the UK right after graduating in October 2011. Therefore I had been looking for a job for about eight months when I came up with the idea of creating a social network for jobseekers.

The idea comes from my own experience as a jobseeker, which I’m going to explain to you in more detail.

I spent months searching for a job in Marketing in the UK. My day-to-day life was built around: checking my 100 emails from job websites or recruitment agencies for new job opportunities, applying to a lot of them, preparing for interviews (sometimes a week long to prepare a case study), attending interviews and ultimately ending up being turned down.

As the majority of the job hunters, I spent most of my day on the internet, but I couldn’t find any nice website to share and give advice to others in the same situation. Even if people around me were helping me cope with this situation, I found that one of the main feelings you have when you spend your day in front of your computer searching for a job is loneliness. Weirdly, you feel like you are the only one in the world having to cope with this situation (even if you know it is definitely not the case, especially at the moment), and you end up feeling desperate. You also go through being thrilled (when you’ve got an interview or a positive email) and being desperate the next day, which is quite hard to live.

I had been told many times during interviews or in feedback emails: “at the moment, there are lots of people in the same situation as you”. That was reassuring, especially when I ended up being turned down for the job, but then I wondered: where are those people? Some of the well-known networking websites have some Jobseekers groups, but you can’t really connect with other jobseekers as well as on a social network website. I personally felt as well from my own experience on those websites that as a jobseeker, you tend to feel “ashamed” on this kind of website, on which most people have a job and are mostly looking to progress in their career.

I was searching for a “feel-good” website for job hunters; I didn’t find it; that’s why I created it.

Letsgetjobs.co.uk is the first social network website dedicated to job hunters.

After registering, the job hunters can share their experiences, tips, resources, to help each other through job hunting and to find the necessary motivation they need in this tough economic situation to get the job they deserve to get! The website acts as well as a portal for job search, with a directory to the job websites, recruitment agencies as well as the career sections of the companies websites.

The website is made to be the only feel-good, positive website for jobseekers that actually help them to keep motivated in their job search. I would like it to be considered as the motivating portal through job search.

If you’re looking for a job yourself please register at http://www.letsgetjobs.co.uk.

If you would like to contribute to spreading the news, just share the link with your friends!

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