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The MIT Blackjack team

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The MIT Blackjack team

While everyone believes that it’s impossible to beat the house edge in the long run, some people do believe that there is a secret to doing so. Perhaps they get their inspiration from the infamous MIT Blackjack team who reigned in the early 90s with their extra-ordinary skill in blackjack gaming. This is definitely an iconic story that should encourage every casino player out there, whether they do so at Vegas Palms casino or any other internet casino.

Here’s a recap for those who don’t know this story yet. Perhaps it will help with reinforcing the fact that playing at casinos can be profitable if you have a strategy to rely on.

It started with a man named Bill Kaplan

Can you imagine a young talented man postponing his entrance into a world-class University like Harvard to gamble? This is exactly the story of Bill Kaplan. He had discovered a mathematical model which he thought could be used to beat the casinos in their own game.

Of course his ambition was contrary to what his parents (especially his mom) had expected. He was an A-class student, and so gambling (according to the majority who understand it) would be a total waste of his brains.

So after doing a little bit of convincing that this was the right career for him, Kaplan decided to visit Vegas and spend a year gambling there. He took with him some $1,000, and that was quite a lot of money in 1977. Nevertheless, he was able to return a profit of $35,000 out of his seed ‘’investment’’. He had applied his mathematical model on Blackjack games, and the outcome was very good. This guy graduated from Harvard nevertheless.

Meeting a team of students at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Some students who had developed interest towards card counting overheard him discussing how he had beat the casinos at the Vegas strip. And since this was something they loved very much, they asked him to train them so that they could form a team that would later be known as the infamous MIT Blackjack Team. This happened towards the onset of 1992 when casinos were recording booming business. Through the support of partners and friends, the MIT Blackjack Team was able to raise $1 million dollar to fund a new company which they would call Strategic Investments. People had confidence in Kaplan’s techniques because they had heard his rumors anyway.

Mike Aponte was one of the students who had joined this infamous team, and after months of learning the techniques, he was given $40k cash to gamble for his team. He lost $10k in the first 10 minutes of gambling part of the money at a Blackjack table in a certain casino situated in Atlantic City.

Back then, casinos used to love clients with big money (they still do). So Aponte was quickly approached by one of the casino executives and offered VIP treatment in form of a pool table, Jacuzzi, food, accommodation you name it. It was a lesson well-learned. It showed the volatile nature of Blackjack games and the potential risk they could inflict on bankrolls.

In conclusion

In the end, Aponte was able to recover a net profit of $25,000, ultimately returning to college to earn his degree. To cut a long story short, their mathematical model had proved effective. But most importantly, it had proved that Blackjack is a game of math. So register and play online casino games from your mobile with the Vegas Palms app because you could win a fortune like this team did. There is nothing to lose in the long run if you master these techniques of card counting.

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