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Good mobile games if you are bored in class

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Good mobile games if you are bored in class

Is your teacher babbling along for ever about stuff you already know, or you simply find boring? Are you close to falling asleep, again? Taking a nap will probably get you detention, or will see you sent off to the headmasters’ office. Yet, no one can blame you for concentration or enthusiasm on your face while you are actually just raiding a country, are conquering a kingdom, are fighting a battle from hell, or are building your own construction. Here’s a list of some fab games that can make those boring classes an adventure playground for you. These are also great to play when school is not getting in the way. You get the drift?

1. Throne: Kingdom at War (Plarium)
This is taking history class to a completely new level. Don´t just hear about the times when brave knights, lords and kings ruled and defended their lands against assailants and enemies. Be the emperor conquering the adversaries’ towns and cities. Form an army, create alliances, amass riches and raise yourself to power. Throne: Kingdom at War, lets you build cities and empires, and lets you ascend thrones by bringing down those that stand in your pathway to victory. You must devise strategies to build you empire from a small settlement to a rich kingdom, must form huge armies and build resources to defend what’s yours and to conquer what you must have in order to become the king of kings. Ascend the throne and rule to greatness!

2. Clash: Of Clans (SuperCell)
Do you already have your tribe or group of friends that would go with you through thick and thin? Why not take your gang into the world of clan chiefs, goblin infested towns and make your way to build your own villages. Form a clan, train your troops and together make your way to find precious gold and gems to build and expand your villages. Cast spells and find elixirs of life to battle against other clans that threaten your settlements.

3. Minecraft: Pocket Edition (Mojang)
New as a pocket edition, this game lets you do all that the PC or console version did. Build your own virtual world. It’s all about constructing and deconstructing blocks. This game lets you explore and build, while different modes require you to collect resources to stay alive, to build your own or fly around the world of other players.
This is a sandbox game where you have to strive to achieve without having to meet specific targets.

4. Enemy Within (XCOM)
Action packed, this extension to the precursor XCOM: Enemy Unknown, enables you to take on some intense battles against aliens invading our planet, and the paramilitary troops of EXALT. This tactile game has a couple of new features such as Meld, new alien robotic units and MEC troopers. Hold the command at XCOM headquarters, and have different teams take turns to save the globe from alien take-over.

5. Kingdom Rush Origins (Ironhide Game Studio)
Set in medieval times this game is all about gaining money. The player buys towers that he must defend against enemies aiming to destroy them. The towers are the weapons in this game, being used to ward off enemies as they approach the towers. Killing the attackers increases cash flow, which can be used to build tower-power needed to fight the assailants. There are numerous levels and reaching them unlocks different modes, increasing the challenges the player is facing at the given level. Killing enemies before they reach defense points has the player gain stars, thereby making equipment available and making towers stronger.

6. République (Camouflaj, LLC )
A heroine action-adventure set in a fictional totalitarian republic, where the payers monitor and direct the principal characters escape from the confinement of a facility called ‘Metamorphosis’. The state runs experiments on ‘Pre-Cal’ people, individuals born in ‘Metamorphosis’. The main character of the game, the Pre-Cal named Hope, contacts the players asking for their help escaping from the facility. Players need “OMNI View” software to interact and progress in the game.

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