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Vue: Your Everyday Smart Glasses

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Vue: Your Everyday Smart Glasses

A Kickstarter campaign has been started for a new pair of smart glasses called Vue. These smart glasses are a little unusual because they look no different from your standard pair of smart glasses. There is no display — instead, you communicate with the device through voice. The glasses use bone conduction technology to send sound waves as vibrations through your skull. That way your ears are freed up for day-to-day activities.

A microphone is also featured, so a user can ask to listen to music, make a phone call, and so on. Not everything we do can be hands-free — there is a touch surface on the side of the glasses too. Currently there are different shapes to choose from along with three colours, including black, white, or brown. Prices start around $179. For more information click here. Image Source: Screenshot/Kickstarter/2016



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