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Movie Night – Cult Horror Films You Must Watch

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Movie Night – Cult Horror Films You Must Watch

The time of year to enjoy a horror movie marathon with friends is here. There are some cult horror films you must watch. The 5 top horror movies of the last 10 years are perfect for any horror movie marathon. While film buffs should try to check out some older films as well, there have certainly been some great recent ones. Between work or classes and playing games at the Royal Vegas casino, people can check out the great horror movies that have already built up a cult following. These are films that will endure in popularity for years.

Let the Right One In

This subtle 2008 horror film demonstrates the power of a mood piece. Audiences actually get several types of horror with this one. They’ll get the everyday terror of childhood bullying that has escalated to the point of being criminal. They’ll get the existential horror of being a vampire’s assistant murderer. They’ll certainly get the horror of witnessing vampire murders in the first place. This is a highly psychological film that works on multiple levels.

Cabin in the Woods

This 2012 film is for the people who like horror movies that are slick and self-aware as well as scary. This film takes familiar settings for horror movies and familiar themes from horror movies and uses it all in a new way, while also helping people appreciate why all of the original tropes work. The Royal Vegas casino and similar websites offer people vacation opportunities similar to the one portrayed in the film. Hopefully, people won’t watch a film like this after winning such a vacation.

Paranormal Activity

This 2007 film helped create a franchise, and with good reason. It’s a film that really plays to the mundane realities that people experience, and that makes it seem so much more real. The characters seem like regular people. The film is very low-budget. A lot of what happens isn’t even that extreme. The film is all the more horrifying as a result. People can easily insert themselves into the proceedings, imagining that they could be playing games at the Royal Vegas casino a minute before getting attacked by a demon.


This is a 2009 zombie movie that recognizes the comedic potential of the genre as well as the horrific potential of it, playing to different zombie fans equally well. The film also has a lot of fun meta-fictional commentary related to the zombie genre, so any seasoned zombie fan is going to love it. However, the humor and wit at the heart of the film will not obscure its truly frightening center.


Given the recent successful sequel, plenty of people might be interested in watching the movie that started it all. This 2008 film managed to do something new with a story involving a monster destroying a city, really capturing the confusion and terror of the situation. This film is another horror movie that manages to use low-budget sensibilities to its advantage, creating a finished product that seems more real and thus more horrifying as a result.

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