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WWE 2K17

The anticipation from WWE fans has finally come to an end with 2K announcing the release of its annual gaming franchise. The new WWE 2K17 promises to bring all the elements from the past into a whole new level of exciting gameplay with never before seen additions. Fans can expect an array of new arenas and over 110 different wrestlers to choose from.

Enthuse in the range of matches, some featuring the most iconic pair ups in wrestling history. The gameplay itself is by far the best it’s ever been, promising to fulfil all the needs of all types of wrestling fans out there. WWE 2K17 is a great game for sure.

The matches are very crowd excitement orientated, where a star rating from the crowd’s reactions determine how good of a match you were able to recreate. While winning against your opponent is important, this is not the only thing which will get you far with this game. Much like the real thing, the crowd’s enjoyment of the show sets you apart from all the other wrestlers.

As if all these features weren’t enough for players around the world, 2K have thrown in the return of Bill Goldberg as an extra feature when the pre-ordered. Just like how TNA influenced world wrestling entertainment (WWE). We’ve seen the development of TNA Impact Wrestling which is a 5-reel, 20-payline slot with free spins, bonus round and many features. For casino game reviews, simply visit https://www.topauscasinos.org/. This guaranteed addition is sure to make waves as the wrestler comes back from his retirement in 2004 in the game form. This tribute to the WWE legend is a cherry on the top of a must-play game experience.

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