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The UroClub: The golf club you can pee in

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The UroClub: The golf club you can pee in

I have never played golf but I can imagine that it would be hassle if you are out on the field and you suddenly need to pee. This is where the UroClub comes in, it is the first golf club you can pee in. Created by a Board Certified Urologist, it looks like an ordinary golf club, but contains a reservoir built into the grip to where a user can relieve himself into. It comes with a privacy shield, which is a little towel-like piece of fabric that hangs down in front of your pants. The idea is that when the need hits you, you just open up your UroClub, snug it up under the privacy shield then just stand there and look like you’re giving a lot of thought to your next swing. For more information click here! Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2016

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