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Chuck McCarthy: The Man Who Walks People For A Living

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Chuck McCarthy: The Man Who Walks People For A Living

Meet Chuck McCarthy, Los Angeles’s first people walker. McCarthy walks humans for $7 a mile around the streets and a park near his home. He provides the ability to walk, talk and, above all, listen. The idea started off as a joke, but soon the underemployed actor noticed that he had something special. So far he has been walking clients nearly every day of the week and he is now getting repeat clients. After setting up a Facebook page, McCarthy is receiving hundreds of requests from the lonely, the curious and the adventurous. McCarthy has already recruited five other walkers to serve different parts of LA, but he is not taking any cut from their income until he has figured out a working business model.

After all the attention McCarthy is considering crowdfunding to hire techies to design an Uber-style app. The app would let walkers and clients rate each other for personality and walking speed. Good idea or what? For his Facebook page click here, for more info click here. Image Source: Screenshot/Facebook/Noah Smith/2016


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