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McKayla Maroney: This is how she looks today!

McKayla Maroney: This is how she looks today!

Remember McKayla Maroney from London 2012? She became very famous for pulling a very disappointed face while being stood on the podium with her silver medal. Maroney was part of the ‘Fierce Five’ U.S. Olympic gymnastics team and won a gold and a silver medal. Due to her pulling that face she instantly became famous as a meme. If you Google her name you will be bound to find it.

At just 20, McKayla announced this year, that she would not be competing in gymnastics anymore, after having several injuries and undergoing surgery. Instead she is planning to launch a music career. This is how she looks now! For more information and pictures regarding McKayla Maroney, follow her Instagram account here. Image Source: Screenshot/Instagram/2016

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McKayla Maroney

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