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Splittable: Helping students manage shared expenses

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Splittable: Helping students manage shared expenses

Splittable is a free iOS, Android and web app that allows students to track and split shared expenses with the people they live with. When people are sharing homes with lots of people in uni it’s a great – fair – way to keep track of their shared finances. Julianne, a member of the Splittable crew says: ” It certainly would have been a huge help to me when I was in 8+ person houses in uni *instead we didn’t track our bills at all and I got so annoyed being the only one to buy loo role for my 8 person house that I started hiding it in the closet!” We all have experience with such situations, while at university, and now we can avoid them. For more information on the Splittable and how it can help you, click here!. Image Source: Screenshot/Splittable/


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