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Chinese Baby Born With 31 Fingers And Toes

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Chinese Baby Born With 31 Fingers And Toes

4-month-old Hong Hong was born with polydactylism, the congenital condition of having extra fingers or toes. Usually only one hand or foot is affected, with one or perhaps two extra digits per limb.

But with Hong Hong, who was born in Hunan province in January, the condition is more severe and he has 15 fingers and 16 toes. His family is now desperately seeking outside help in the hopes they can get surgery for their infant son. The surgery could cost as much as $30,000.

To raise money for the operation, Hong Hong’s family had turned to crowdfunding platforms and had reportedly raised more than $6,000 to date. According to doctors the child is too young for the operation and the parents should wait until their child is around 6-months-old. Image Source: Screenshot/Pintrest/2016

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