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The Most Expensive Steak Will Set You Back $3,200

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The Most Expensive Steak Will Set You Back $3,200

We have all heard of expensive wine that has been aged well and will cost you a small fortune. But have you ever heard of really expensive beef, which has aged for 15 years in total? Probably not! That is because there is only one butcher in the world who offers the most unique and expensive meat. This is Frenchman Alexandre Polmard, a sixth generation breeder and butcher from the Meuse region of Lorraine in northeastern France. What makes his meat so special?

His 2000 vintage cote de boeuf (rib steak) can cost you up to $3.200 dollars and it is only served in very special restaurants by ultra-exclusive chefs. There are two reasons for such a price tag. One is that the meat is treated in a very specific way, which is called “hibernation.” The way it works is cold air is blown at speeds of 120 kilometers per hour over the meat in a -43 C environment. This allows the meat to be kept for any length of time without the loss of quality. The second point is from which breed of cattle it originates. This is a special breed called Blonde Aquitaine and rivals global names such as Black Angus and Kobe. Only Alexandre Polmard and his family raise this breed in an open and organic environment.

Despite the eye-watering price tag, customers from all over the world put their names down months in advance to try to reserve some of the rarest, most aged cuts. Prices for Polmard’s 15-year-old beef start around $700 and go up to $3.200! Now that is what you call an expensive steak. If you would like to buy some go here! The video below will give you some more info regarding steak and all it shapes and sizes. Image Source: Screenshot/Boucherie Polmard/2016

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