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This Fresher Nailed a half-court Shot – Gets Free Tuition

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This Fresher Nailed a half-court Shot – Gets Free Tuition

When you are deciding on going to university or when you are already at university, one of the biggest costs is the tuition fees. They vary from university to university, course to course, and what degree you are studying. Imagine not having to pay for your tuition fees? How amazing would that be?

This is exactly what happened to Lem Turner, an incoming freshman at Ball State University. Turner had the opportunity to win free tuition for a semester, if he would be able to make a “half-court” shot in front of a massive crowd. In English terms this means he would have to throw the basketball from the centre of the basketball court and hit the basket dead on. He had one shot only! Amazingly he made it and became a legend over night – his classmates and all other spectators went crazy.

According to Ball State University, this is the second time in three years that someone has made the tuition shot. Would you have the nerves to do it? Watch the video below. Image Source: Screenshot/2015.

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