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The Mexican Weather Queen: Yanet Garcia

The Mexican Weather Queen: Yanet Garcia

23-year-old Yanet Garcia is currently the world’s most sought after weather woman. Garcia who is a weatherwoman for Televisa Monterrey in Mexico, has become the talk of the Internet over the last few weeks. This is mainly to her appearance than her weather forecasting. Her good looks and figure-hugging dresses, always teemed with a pair of killer heels, are a hit with viewers. Her appearances have generated thousands of tweets and posts on social media.

She has already gained hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram and Twitter. As the majority of her “fans” cannot access the Mexican Televisa Monterrey, Garcia makes her weather reports available on her own personal YouTube channel. This channel alone has generated over a million views – I predict a bright future for her. We have collected a few images to show who she really is. Image Source: Instagram/Screenshot/2015


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