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Rose Nicholas: UK’s Taylor Swift Lookalike

Rose Nicholas: UK’s Taylor Swift Lookalike

23-year-old Rose Nicholas, from England, is currently making more than £10,000 by professionally impersonating Taylor Swift. At first, friends of Nicholas pointed out the similarities to Taylor Swift. However, she didn’t realise her potential until moving to the US in 2013.

There she was swarmed by people and paparazzi alike, and many refused to believe she was not Taylor Swift. Rose now has a contract with Costello Entertainments as a Taylor Swift lookalike and is being hired for appearances as the star’s doppelganger. If you would like to see more of her pictures click here.

Some people are just lucky or are they? Image Source: Screenshot/Facebook/Twitter/2015

Rose Nicholas-2

Rose Nicholas-3

Rose Nicholas-taylor-swift

Rose Nicholas

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