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Georgia Page Is Tougher Than Most

Georgia Page Is Tougher Than Most

There are women and then there are women, and this is one of them. Australia-born Georgia Page, from the Lindenwood University, has become an Internet sensation. She displayed an unbelievable toughness at a Rugby Sevens game against Notre Dame University.

While playing Page had her nose broken, yet she somehow managed to get up on her feet and tackle yet another player with ease. That is my kind of girl 🙂 She has since been called the “War Goddess” and the image of her “toughness” has spread to all corners of the earth.

So far many have seen her “wild” side, but there is a more subtle and ladylike side to her too. We have collected a few images showing this side of her. Do you have any thoughts, ideas or questions? Let us know via the comment section. Image Source: Screenshot/Twitter/2015






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