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Best of Alicia Vikander

Best of Alicia Vikander

Alicia Amanda Vikander is a Swedish actress and dancer, whose career began after appearing in several Swedish Films and TV shows. Since then she has starred in various local and international films.

Born in 1988, Vikander is not too well known yet although she appeared in some bigger movies such as “The Seventh Son 2015” and “The Fifth Estate (2013)”. I am pretty sure she will rise to fame as soon as this year’s blockbuster, “Ex Machina“, airs. One movie I cannot wait for, it will be epic. Below I have selected a few images of Vikander. All images are screenshots and property of their respectful owners. Screenshots/2015

Alicia Vikander 3

Alicia Vikander 2

Alicia Vikander 1

Alicia Vikander 4

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