Friday, December 2, 2022

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It seemed like a normal family day at a zoo in Rockwell, North Carolina. A little girl approaches a monkey in a cage, and starts throwing food at him. The baboon becomes angry and picks up faeces from the floor and hurled it at the girl, hitting her square in the face. Now if that ain’t karma? 🙂 To see more, watch the video below. Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2016

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I remember when my neighbour got angry after someone stole the Mercedes Star off his Benz.To be fair that has to be very annoying. I have seen many Mercedes Benz cars without their iconic star. On the other had I have never seen a Rolls Royce without its iconic bonnet ornament. This could be the reason why! Watch the video below. Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2016

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Jess Ritchie, from Nottingham, decided to lock herself in a car at a scorching 41.5 degrees to show dog owners the devastating effects it has on animals. The 24-year-old, can be seen becoming increasingly short of breath and sweating profusely as she films the experiment. After just ten minutes, Jess is forced to leave her car after it becomes unbearable. Every year dog owners forget their pets in their car, especially in Summer. In most cases this results in the death of the involved animal. Watch the video below. Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2016

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Skydiver Luke Aikins jumped out of an airplane at 25,000 feet without a parachute, becoming the first person to land safely on the ground in a net. Aikins, 42, has deployed a parachute around 18,000 times over the last two and a half decades of his skydiving and BASE jumping career.

The jump was aired live on television via the Fox network during an hour-long special, with a few seconds delay, just in case something went wrong. In total Aikins fell for about two minutes above the California desert and then “landed” in a 30m square net without an incident. Watch the video below. Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2016

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Have you ever wondered how tennis balls are actually made? I always think of that specific smell that new tennis balls have. If you would like to see how they are made, then watch the video below. It is a pretty complex process but also a very interesting one. This is very satisfying to watch, but shows the hard work that people are exposed too while producing tennis balls. Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2016


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British daredevil Max Cave, 24, recorded himself while jumping between two huge 25-storey skyscrapers in Hong Kong. Wearing just shorts, trainers, a t-shirt and a baseball cap, he risked everything for a few seconds of fame. Cave is a member of U.K.-based Parkour team Storror, which travels around the globe to take on dangerous stunts. His stunt was uploaded to Instagram where it gathered 250,000 views within a very short period of time. Watch the video below. Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2016