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Taylor Swift Double Has A Problem

As you can see, this Taylor Swift double is an exact match of the original. Due to her “unique” appearance she gets stalked everywhere by crazy fans who think she is the real deal. Image Source: Screenshot/2014... Read More →

Mexican Singer Removes Ribs To Look Thinner

Ariadna Thalia Sodi Miranda – known as Thalía in Mexico, has recently posted a picture with a jar apparently containing two of her ribs. The Latino star had them removed to appear slimmer. Thalía has been dubbed both the ‘Queen of Latin Pop’... Read More →

Crocodile Stalks Swimming Tourist In Mexico

This is what it looks like when a human gets stalked by a crocodile. No idea why someone would even swim close to a croc, but this apparently happened in Boca Paila, Mexico. The swimmer managed to escape thanks to a quick-thinking observer who threw an object ... Read More →

This Is How A Grown Man Gets Stuck In A Babies Highchair

I bet this guy thought it would be funny to climb into a baby chair - for a selfie or even a Facebook post. As you can imagine it wasn't such a  good idea. After unsuccessfully trying to remove the chair by himself, the lad’s friends finally give in and try... Read More →

World’s Most Pierced Man Denied Entry To Dubai

A heavily tattooed and pierced German man, with 453 piercings, was refused entry to Dubai without reason. The information technology professional from Dortmund, Germany, was scheduled to appear at a local club. Although immigration agents initially stamped his... Read More →

Lightning Strikes In Couple’s Engagement Photo

During a photo shoot Photographer Elizabeth van der Bij noticed that the skies turned black and the wind started picking up. Although her clients’ engagement photos were supposed to be unique, they could not have expected what happened next. Although rushing... Read More →

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