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Florida University Girls React To Jennifer Lawrence Nude Leaks

The girls from the sorority Alpha Omicron Pi reacted to the recent Jennifer Lawrence nudes, in their very own way. Instead of waiting around for hackers to find them they released their own nude pictures. The seniors of the sorority decided to post a topless g... Read More →

Best Of Chelsea Lynn Sartain

Our latest Hottie is 27-year-old Chelsea from Dallas TX. Originally a Yoga teacher, Chelsea is now trying to make it big as a professional model in LA. She was already featured on the wildly popular site The Chive and since then has become a little celebrity. ... Read More →

Have You Ever Seen A Totally Rare Black Cock?

The chicken above is an Indonesian chicken breed known as Ayam Cemani. It is known as the Lamborghini of poultry. The black colour of the Ayam Cemani is not limited to its feathers – even the skin, beak, plume, tongue, legs, toe nails, its meat, bones, and o... Read More →

Russian Road Rage Cartoon Fight

This has to be one of the craziest fights ever! Although road rage fights happen every day, this one is truly unique. When do you actually see a bunch of cartoon characters beating each other up – in real life? I can spot Mickey Mouse, Sponge Bob andR... Read More →

Just Remember When Looking At Those Jennifer Lawrence Photos…

… Jesus Christ is watching – according to Ned Flanders So if you think of watching those recently leaked photos, think of good old Ned Image Source: Screenshot/Twitter/2014... Read More →

Video: Ever Wondered How Pringles Are Made?

I am pretty sure loads of people have asked themselves how Pringles are actually made? Sliced potatoes or pressed into shape? Watch the video below and you will find out! It’s actually pretty interesting. Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2014... Read More →

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