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Totally Brilliant Print Advertisement?

Sometimes it just takes a clever picture and people will understand immediately. That is marketing at it’s best. Image Source: Screenshot/2014/adsoftheworld... Read More →

How to Book A Fake Girlfriend Online

Nowadays everything is possible and nothing seems impossible. Now you can even book a “fake” girlfriend online. No not a fake physical one! Who thought that there ever would be a need for such a service? Then again you sometimes look around, and yo... Read More →

Only in Russia: Friendly Bear Drops By And Gets Cookies

So this bear in Russia decided to visit some humans. What happens next will surprise you. Usually people would run for their lives but not so in this case. The bear, dropped by some house and got some fresh cookies which he seemed to like. The bear doesn’... Read More →

The Graduate’s Guide To Landing Your Dream Job

We all know how hard it can be, finding a job these days – especially for graduates. I remember those days when as a graduate, you came out of university and you wanted to change the world. According to research on average only 20% of graduates applying ... Read More →

The Brazilian Slutwalk Flasher

In 2012 Brazilian feminists staged a mass demonstration in all major cities, the so called Marcha das cadias (March of Bitches). The Slutwalk campaign took place simultaneously across 20 cities worldwide. For some reason an unidentified middle-aged man decided... Read More →

Women Downs Pint In 5.5 Seconds – A Keeper?

26-year-old, Siobhan Cranstoun, has been filmed downing a pint of lager in just five seconds. In the video, the mother-of-two, can be seen picking up the pint glass with her mouth and swallowing the beer in a matter of seconds. As you can imagine, the clip wen... Read More →

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