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This Insect Looks Like A Creature From Hell – (Video)

That thing right there is a “Tree Wetas” and they are larger than any other species of insect currently in existence. They can be found in the land of many nopes called New Zealand. Watch how this massive bug attacks the woman’s hand and even... Read More →

Airline Baggage Allowance For Students

With thousands of students descending on the airports to make the most of their summer holidays Uni Baggage are guiding students on how to avoid getting caught out at the airport. Brits spend up to £1.6 Billion on excess baggage each year at the airports so i... Read More →

What Happens When A Topless Model Walks Through A Street?

If you watch the video below you might have to look twice before you notice that the model is actually spray painted. A topless Danish woman strolled through the fashionable area of Frederiksberg, near Copenhagen, before sitting down at a restaurant. As you c... Read More →

Grand Theft Auto V In Real Life

If you are a fan of GTA then you need to watch this trailer. It is a REAL LIFE recreation of the “Grand Theft Auto V” trailer. Guess what? It is spot on. The trailer was created by Zapruder Pictures and it was filmed in various locations in Madrid.... Read More →

Texas Cheerleader Hunts Rare Animals On African Safaris

Blonde cheerleader Kendall Jones, 19, from the Texas Tech University is, as most cheerleaders, very popular – even online! You might think – so what? The fact is that she isn’t a normal cheerleader and her notoriety comes from her very unusua... Read More →

Crohn’s Sufferer Pursues Dream Of Being A Model

Bethany Townsend, 23, a make-up artist from Worcester has become an internet sensation after posting a photograph of her in a bikini online, exposing her colostomy bags to the world. The 23-year-old was fitted with her colostomy bags in 2010 after being diagn... Read More →

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