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Visitor Centre In Welsh Town Is a Workman’s Hut

I always knew that things were different in Wales, but never would I have thought that they were that different. In Colwyn Bay, a small town on the north Wales coast, a new visitor centre recently opened its doors. This would usually not make the news headline... Read More →

I Have No Words…. Do You?

I would love to know how to talk to my cat, no idea though if she knows anything about gun safety? Image Source: Screenshot/2014... Read More →

That’s The Right Way To Do It

Instead of using the same for both this chap went the extra mile and bought two separate ones – nice and tidy. What a lad!... Read More →

Swansea University Student Becomes Part-Time Porn Star

21-year-old Swansea University student Luke-Kristopher Davis was invited to star in a porn movie while on holiday in Barcelona. He was directly approached by porn director Erika Lust and offered to star in an erotic film. According to the Oxford-born student, ... Read More →

This Is How People Queue In Asia

Probably one of the smartest way to queue – never seen anything alike. Human intelligence at its best. Image Source: Screenshot/2014... Read More →

This Guy Plays Music To His Cows – They Seem To Love It

What a rare and enjoyable video. This guy starts playing his trombone in front of an empty field. After a while he gets unexpected visitors. Slowly a few cows appear on the horizon and after a while more follow. In the end the trombone playing gentleman is sur... Read More →

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