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Australian Creates Ultra Realistic Artificial Human

Are we all doomed? It seems that Chris Jones from Australia has managed to create one of the most impressive CGI constructions I have ever seen! Mr. Jones has spent years trying to build a whole CGI body, but until now he has “only” managed to comp... Read More →

This SFW Picture Will Prove You Have A Dirty Mind

Although you will take a few seconds to realise what is going on, and when you do you will think only one thing… OMG a dick! But when you look again you will quickly notice that it is actually NOT a dick. The only thing it will prove is that you have a d... Read More →

It Looks Like Dragons Are REAL

What you see is not a fake nor is photoshopped – this is a “Smaug Giganteus” a giant spiny-tailed lizard or also known as a sungazer. It is the largest species of the girdled lizard. The species is home to the grassland in South Africa. Adult... Read More →

Video Of The Week: This Guy Just Loves Trains…

I don’t think I have ever seen anyone being so excited about seeing a train. Gosh this guy is so happy, it makes me laugh. I guess people who are into trains can understand why this man is so happy about seeing this particular train. No matter what ̵... Read More →

Latest Banksy Appears – Gets Scrubbed Off By Local Council

Banksy’s latest Graffiti takes a satirical take on immigration and involves birds sitting on a wire. It shows five grey pigeons holding up signs including one stating “Go Back to Africa” and “migrants not welcome” aiming towards a more colorful b... Read More →

Hamsters Saved With Tiny Gas Masks By Firefighters

Firefighters in Washington were called to a mobile home fire where they saved a small family of hamsters – after making sure the humans were safe. The firefighters broke into the house, put the fire out and managed to rescue the tiny family of hamsters. Than... Read More →

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