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Video Of The Week: This Guy Just Loves Trains…

I don’t think I have ever seen anyone being so excited about seeing a train. Gosh this guy is so happy, it makes me laugh. I guess people who are into trains can understand why this man is so happy about seeing this particular train. No matter what ̵... Read More →

Latest Banksy Appears – Gets Scrubbed Off By Local Council

Banksy’s latest Graffiti takes a satirical take on immigration and involves birds sitting on a wire. It shows five grey pigeons holding up signs including one stating “Go Back to Africa” and “migrants not welcome” aiming towards a more colorful b... Read More →

Hamsters Saved With Tiny Gas Masks By Firefighters

Firefighters in Washington were called to a mobile home fire where they saved a small family of hamsters – after making sure the humans were safe. The firefighters broke into the house, put the fire out and managed to rescue the tiny family of hamsters. Than... Read More →

Totally Brilliant Print Advertisement?

Sometimes it just takes a clever picture and people will understand immediately. That is marketing at it’s best. Image Source: Screenshot/2014/adsoftheworld... Read More →

How to Book A Fake Girlfriend Online

Nowadays everything is possible and nothing seems impossible. Now you can even book a “fake” girlfriend online. No not a fake physical one! Who thought that there ever would be a need for such a service? Then again you sometimes look around, and yo... Read More →

Only in Russia: Friendly Bear Drops By And Gets Cookies

So this bear in Russia decided to visit some humans. What happens next will surprise you. Usually people would run for their lives but not so in this case. The bear, dropped by some house and got some fresh cookies which he seemed to like. The bear doesn’... Read More →

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