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Toast Yourself To The Dark Side

In June, the $50 Darth Vader helmet-shaped toaster will reach stores all over the US and EU. The toaster burns a Darth Vader portrait into one side of the bread and the “Star Wars” logo into the other. This is perfect for anyone who wants to join t... Read More →

Greek University Launches Selfie Degree Course

The University of Narcissi, in Greece, is launching a selfie degree course as part of its undergraduate sociology degree. The course will focus on the “power of the selfie” and why it appeals to so many. The unusual course will allow its students t... Read More →

Tasered For Charity: Woman In Bikini Gets Tasered in front of group of men

A video has surfaced in which a young woman in a bikini gets tasered to raise money for charity. The unusual video has been posted on Youtube and quickly received an excess of over 250,000 hits. In the 38-second video clip a group of men can be seen, wearing s... Read More →

How Not To Jump Over A Puddle Of Mud

This is hilarious – and if you want to laugh out loud you need to watch this! This is a typical scene at one of the many music festivals in the UK. A group of girls, along with their backpacks and other belongings are making their way back from the festival.... Read More →

This Guy Will Be Your Boyfriend For A Week For $5

Is this genius or what? That boy has found a very special way of making some extra money. He will rent himself out for $5 a week and pretend to be your boyfriend! He will even make you feel like you really have a boyfriend! Image Source: Screen shot/2014... Read More →

Is This The Best In-Flight Performance Ever? The Lion King Intro

Members of the Virgin Australia Flight 0970 might have been expecting an usual in-flight announcement on their journey from Brisbane to Sydney, what they received instead is just mind blowing. Just by chance the whole Australian cast of the play The Lion King ... Read More →

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