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Adult sized ‘Little Tikes’ Built By Fan

Brothers John and Geoff Bitmead from Oxfordshire made the giant recreation of a Little Tikes Cozy Coupe out of an old Daewoo Matiz SE 0.8. They say it took about 1,000 hours to make the vehicle, and it cost £4,000 – but ask any school kid and they’... Read More →

Murdered Puerto Rican Boxer Is Propped Up

The body of boxer Christopher Rivera, who was shot, is propped up in a fake boxing ring during his wake. The makeshift ring was set up in a community center of a public housing complex, where he used to live. Elsie Rodriguez, vice president of the Marin funera... Read More →

Man Suffers Brutal Defeat – Watch His Face

I do not play poker but it seems like this guy must have lost quite a penny. His facial expression is just shocking – and painful – a face you won’t forget that quickly. This guy had a 93% chance of winning the hand and a lot of money. It se... Read More →

Student Asked Billy Joel To Play A Song With Him

Billy Joel did a Q&A at Vanderbilt University, when a student stood up and asked if he could play “New York State of Mind” with him.  Billy Joel just said “Yes” – what an amazing and unique opportunity this was for this young student... Read More →

Video: Huge Boulders Flatten 300-year-old House

Approximately 4,000 cubic metres of rock broke off a cliff face, in northern Italy, and then crashed through a nearby barn and vineyards. One giant rock rolled through a 300-year-old barn destroying it completely. A third boulder rolled toward the main secti... Read More →

Video: Taylor Swift Gets Attacked AT The 2014 Grammy Award

I didn’t watch the 2014 Grammy Awards, but it seems I have missed the part where Taylor Swift gets attacked! Ryu attacked Taylor Swift during her performance at the Grammy Award. Watch the video below – it is hilarious. Image Source: Screenshot/Y... Read More →

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