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Bodybuilder In Brazil Injects Oil Into Muscles

A new dangerous trend is sweeping through Brazil and South America, where bodybuilders are injecting themselves with a potentially lethal cocktail of oil and alcohol in order to pump up their muscles. Arlindo de Souza, the man in the picture, has grown 29in bi... Read More →

New Party App Livr Is Only Accessible When You Are Drunk

Livr is a new party app designed for Andriod and IOS devices. It is an app like no other, Livr only lets you join its online community if you are drunk! Yes drunk! So how does it work? First of all you need the Livr  breathalyzer attachment, which I believe ... Read More →

Plane Crashes Into Skydiver: Who wins?

If you ever thought you were lucky, then think again. John Frost, currently one of the luckiest men alive, was just about to touch down after a skydive. He was then hit by a light aircraft flown by 87-year-old Shannon Trembley at South Lakeland airport near Ta... Read More →

The App That Makes Your Phone Smell Of Bacon

Why would you want your phone to smell like bacon? I guess if you like bacon it is a great idea. The Wake Up & Smell The Bacon software, devised by US firm Oscar Mayer, emits a small puff of air redolent of the smell of the pork product. To emit the meat a... Read More →

Video: The Darwin Award 2014 Goes To….

I’ve seen a lot of silly videos lately, but this one has to top them all. How can anyone be that stupid? This woman is risking her life for a selfie? Watch the video below, your heart will stop beating for at least a second or two! Image Source: Screensh... Read More →

Is This The Worst Tweet Of 2014?

Have you ever heard of Gemma Worrall? The 20-year-old British beautician from Blackpool? No, neither have I but you won’t forget her that fast after you heard what she tweeted out to the world! Miss Worral found herself at the centre of an internation... Read More →

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