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Biohacker Implants Huge Sensor Into His Arm

I always knew there were people out there who are a tiny bit different, but this guy takes it to a whole new level. Tim Cannon, a so called Biohacker, implanted a Circadia 1.0 computer chip with the size of a smartphone under the skin of his forearm. First of ... Read More →

9 Skydivers Survive Mid-Air Collision

What was meant to be another exciting skydive turned out to be terrifying jump-for-your-life situation when two light aircrafts collided. One of the most stunning features of the event, besides the fact that all survived, is that the entire disastrous event ... Read More →

Are You Thinking Of Buying A Used Car?

Buying a used car can always be a difficult and dicey proposition. Especially when you are a student and you might be looking to buy your first car. What do you need to be aware of, what should you watch out for or what can you expect? All difficult questions ... Read More →

German Mechanic Found Sleeping On A Horse

Guenter Schroeder, 26, had been looking for a warm bed for the night and somehow ended up snoozing on a horse. A German mechanic faced a common problem after a boozy night on the town – he had missed the last bus home. To make things even worse Mr. Schro... Read More →

The Phantom 2 Vision (Video)

Experience a new horizon of possibilities laid before you as you rise above the clouds. Capture the world around you and share these moments like never before. This remote controlled quad-copter has a 14-megapixel camera and a field of view of up to 140 degree... Read More →

Black Woman Protects Ku Klux Klan Member

The power of images: In 1996 Keshia Thomas broke away from a mob to protect a supposed white supremacist in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Although this image was taken 17 years ago it has lost nothing of its impact. In June 1996, 17 KKK members held a rally in mostly... Read More →

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