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One Hell Of A Wedding Cake

A couple have created a gruesome wedding cake made of their own bloody severed heads. Natalie Sideserf, 28, a cake artist spent forty hours creating the cake to match her movie-themed wedding. Sideserf said they chose it because her husband David Sideserf, 30,... Read More →

The Clever Travel Companion

We at the Clever Travel Companion love to travel! We have been to many parts of the world, backpacking, going by train, bus, car and even on foot. We have been to Asia, riding the Tran Siberian train from Moscow to Beijing, driving through Mexico and across th... Read More →

Actress Exploits Men To Eat At Fancy Restaurants

Erin Wotherspoon, 23, an aspiring actress in Toronto has outed herself as a serial online dater who dates men just so they will pay dinner at fancy restaurants. Not only does she shamelessly use these men, but she openly admits it and even chronicles each of h... Read More →

Students enter fancy-dress contest dressed as Twin Towers

Amber Langford, left, and Annie Collinge, right, won a fancy dress contest while dressed as the Twin Towers. As you can imagine, the families of those who lost loved ones in the New York terror attack are upset about their joke. It has also emerged that Miss ... Read More →

Biohacker Implants Huge Sensor Into His Arm

I always knew there were people out there who are a tiny bit different, but this guy takes it to a whole new level. Tim Cannon, a so called Biohacker, implanted a Circadia 1.0 computer chip with the size of a smartphone under the skin of his forearm. First of ... Read More →

9 Skydivers Survive Mid-Air Collision

What was meant to be another exciting skydive turned out to be terrifying jump-for-your-life situation when two light aircrafts collided. One of the most stunning features of the event, besides the fact that all survived, is that the entire disastrous event ... Read More →

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