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The App That Makes Your Phone Smell Of Bacon

Why would you want your phone to smell like bacon? I guess if you like bacon it is a great idea. The Wake Up & Smell The Bacon software, devised by US firm Oscar Mayer, emits a small puff of air redolent of the smell of the pork product. To emit the meat a... Read More →

Video: The Darwin Award 2014 Goes To….

I’ve seen a lot of silly videos lately, but this one has to top them all. How can anyone be that stupid? This woman is risking her life for a selfie? Watch the video below, your heart will stop beating for at least a second or two! Image Source: Screensh... Read More →

Is This The Worst Tweet Of 2014?

Have you ever heard of Gemma Worrall? The 20-year-old British beautician from Blackpool? No, neither have I but you won’t forget her that fast after you heard what she tweeted out to the world! Miss Worral found herself at the centre of an internation... Read More →

Tony Hawk Apologises For Fake Stunt

I do not know if you have seen Tony Hawk’s latest stunt in which he claims to own a hoverboard that has more technology in it than a satellite. It is thought that the video was a part of a marketing campaign for Nike sneakers that will have the same po... Read More →

Kate Upton’s Crazy Zero Gravity Spacewalk

By now you have probably seen the famous “Sports Illustrated” model, Kate Upton, floating around in zero gravity for a very special photo shot. At first I thought it was a fake, and that the model must have been photoshoped into the surrounding or ... Read More →

Is This The Worst Driving Instructor Ever?

I am pretty sure he is one of the worst around! Whenever you see a guy like this, and he claims to be a driving instructor, turn around and run as fast as you can! Just kidding – it is just a hoax by comedian  Mitch Wanless - funny video though ! Image... Read More →

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