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Chinese Woman Buys Too Many Shoes – Tapes Them To Her Car

A Chinese woman went on a massive shoe shopping spree, after breaking up with her boyfriend who wouldn’t let her shop online. Wang Yuan, who lives in Chengdu, bought exactly 100 pairs of shoes, spending over 20,000 yuan (more than 3,200 US dollars.) Acc... Read More →

Breaking Bad’s Crystal Menth

Online retailer Firebox has come under fire for selling mints that look like Breaking Bad’s crystal meth – dubbing them ‘crystal menth’.  Its ‘Blue Sky Candy’ comes in 130g (4.5oz) bags for £7.99 and is claimed to be ... Read More →

‘Call me if you look like Ryan Gosling’ poster appeal in London

An anxious woman is making a heartfelt appeal on the streets of London to find her lost boyfriend – or any boyfriend – that looks like Ryan Gosling. How amazing is that? A woman known only by her first name Isabella, has posted signs around the city beggin... Read More →

Microsoft Launches Anti Google Merchandise

If you’re bothered by the various ways Google uses the data you submit to serve you targeted ads, then Microsoft has the T-shirt for you – or a mug. The software giant has launched a new section of its online store dedicated to its “Scroogl... Read More →

Real-Life Harry Potter Searches For Train To Hogwarts

This might be a very interesting read for all those Harry Potter fans out there. Harry Potter has become so popular and a cultural touchstone for children and adults all over the world, that it’s easy to forget that the characters and the world they live... Read More →

Have You Seen The World’s Tallest Waterslide?

The mammoth installation is being built in Kansas City in the US and is due to be completed next spring, according to Gizmodo. Brave visitors to Schlitterbahn Park will reach speeds of more than 60mph on the way down, hopefully towards an equally massive poo... Read More →

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