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The Walking Dead Store In Portugal Lets You Pay With Blood

FOX Portugal teamed up with the National Portuguese Blood Bank IPST, to promote the beginning of The Walking Dead show’s 4th Season in a very unusual way. Together they set up a shop where fans could donate their blood… as currency. Yes you read that right... Read More →

X-Men Fan Builds His Own Working Wolverine Claws

I have always been a Wolverine fan – and his adamantium claws are just awesome and should come in handy at times. Who wouldn’t want to have such claws? This is what British inventor and TV presenter Colin Furze must have thought when he built his own W... Read More →

Latest Viral: Cat Saves Boy From Attacking Dog

Every now and then a video comes along which makes you say: Oh My God! This is one of them. I never thought a cat could be that loyal and attack a dog which is much bigger than itself. I know they can be vicious little creatures, but this just took my breath a... Read More →

How Students Can Make (Moderate) Cash Online

Want to make money online? Well, join the club. Students are always scrapping for some extra pub cash here and there (or, you know, trying to pay off loans and purchase expensive textbooks), and it can be very difficult to hold any sort of significant real lif... Read More →

Possessed Woman On Train Starts Attacking Commuters

This unusual clip was filmed on an Edmonton Transit System train in Canada. The women in the video seemed perfectly normal when she suddenly started to show strange and violent behaviour. Without a warning she suddenly reaches out and grabs the neck of a male ... Read More →

Meet Outrunner: The self-balancing robot that will out run you

The Outrunner is a self-balancing robot that can reach speeds of 20mph (32km/h) on different terrains. Created by Robotics Unlimited, the robot claims to be the world’s first legged running robot that is commercially available to the public. The robot has ab... Read More →

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