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Teen Goes Out In Manchester And Ends Up Drunk In Paris

A teenager who went out clubbing in Manchester with his mates woke up in Paris the following morning. Luke Harding 19, was on his way home in a taxi from the Tokyo Project nightclub in Oldham when he decided to visit the Eiffel Tower. He had his passport in... Read More →

The Meaty Fresh Bacon Deo

Ever wanted to smell like bacon? The POWER BACON deodorant is designed specifically for those with active lifestyles – or people who just sweat like pigs. It’s like an aphrodisiac for your armpits - with great bacon power comes great baconsibility. Fo... Read More →

Edinburgh University Students In Trouble For “Blacking Up”

Law students at the Edinburgh University are in trouble after dressing up as Somalian pirates for a party. The so-called ‘Beerienteering’ event, organised by The Edinburgh University Law Society, had an “Around The World” fancy dress co... Read More →

Van Damme’s Epic Volvo Split Stunt

Even at the age 53 Jean-Claude Van Damme is still as flexible as ever. In his latest advert the ageing actor is performing a stunt between two moving Volvo trucks. The stunt has been done to promote Volvo Truck’s new dynamic steering system and has since... Read More →

The P-Tree Urinal

The P-tree is a temporary tree-friendly urinal that can be fixed on every tree using straps and lashings. The P-tree gives a feeling of freedom during peeing. It is the same as peeing into the wild. The hoses from the urinal can be combined and connected on a ... Read More →

Thinking about a career in… anything!

We’re at an interesting crossroads when it comes to career building right now, with the lack of jobs coupled with the rise of internships that are now seen as a requirement to gain experience it’s no wonder that Graduates are lost on where to go. There are... Read More →

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