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Meet The Tallest High School Basketball Player In The World

Meet high school basketball star Tacko Fall who is thought to be the tallest high school basketball player in the world. Mr. Fall is somewhere between 7-foot-4 and 7-foot-5, weighs 250 pounds, wears a size 22 shoe and has a 8-foot wingspan. Wherever he goes he... Read More →

The Beer Bong Start-Up Story

We wish we had a really dramatic and moving start-up story that read like the opening scene of a box office smash-hit, or a captivating chapter in a timeless History book, but sadly that is not quite the case. Beerbong UK’s birth came about because of one la... Read More →

The Sonic Foamer Can Create A Head On Any Beer

There’s nothing worse than getting a headless pint of beer at the pub – it just ruins your day. Either it means you have a stale pint or just bad luck. Fear not – there is a solution for that too. ThinkGeek has developed a device that will artificially g... Read More →

French Students Hack 3D Printer Into Tattoo Machine

A group of three French design students managed to modify a MarkerBot 3D printer as part of a challenge set by France’s Cultural Ministry, which challenged people to remix images and sounds in the public domain. Pierre Emm, Piotr Widelka and Johan Da Sil... Read More →

The Goonies Sequel Confirmed By Director Richard Donner

Yes people it is true – there will finally be a Goonies 2! I know there have been rumours about a sequel for years, but this time it is the real deal. Not only that, but the director hopes to reunite Corey Feldman, Josh Brolin, Sean Astin and Jeff Cohen in t... Read More →

Toast Yourself To The Dark Side

In June, the $50 Darth Vader helmet-shaped toaster will reach stores all over the US and EU. The toaster burns a Darth Vader portrait into one side of the bread and the “Star Wars” logo into the other. This is perfect for anyone who wants to join t... Read More →

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