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NYC Taxi Drivers Release Hilarious Calendar

We probably all have heard of the Pirelli calendars which feature some of the hottest women! So hot that the calendars are treated like gold. They usually sell out within days. The NYC cab drivers have now done their own version – and it is the exact opp... Read More →

Delete My Browser History… When I die

Only lads will get this! I need one for myself Some will have their blood type etched into a bracelet and others only have… well this! Image Source: Screenshot/2014... Read More →

Have You Ever Seen A 6ft Wide Spider Web?

This is what Russell Harding, 74, a pensioner from Wiltshire, found when he stepped outside his front door in the morning. The web, stretched from his car’s wing mirror to his shed, about 6ft in length. Right in the middle of it sat a huge inch-and-a-half sp... Read More →

McDonald’s Custom Burgers Are Being Tested in Australia

So McDonald’s has quietly launched a sort of burger machine prototype in Australia. Here users will be able to put together their own fancy burger and choose from 19 different toppings in total. You will be able to choose your type of bread, cheese, meat... Read More →

Friendship at its best: Friend Translates Song To Deaf Friend

Two girls dancing on a festival to Gareth Emery’s Track “U” seems like nothing unusual. It is unusual, though, as soon as you see one of the girls translating the song via sign language to her deaf friend. Her deaf friend seems to feel the beat, ... Read More →

Music Fan Launches Campaign to Ban Nickelback from London

A music fan has launched a crowd sourcing campaign to keep Nickelback from ever coming to London again. Although the Canadian rock band does not have any gigs planned in the capital, Craig Mandall continued with his plan. Currently, Mr. Mandall needs to raise ... Read More →

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