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Video: Ever Wondered What DJs Really Do On Stage?

This must be a universal question: what do DJs really do on stage? Long gone are the days when DJs had to carry heavy cases filled with vinyl records. Through advances in technology the music scene has progressed and with the flick of a button you can now prod... Read More →

Chilean Activist Destroys $500m Student Debt – Saint Or Sinner?

I have never heard of this guy and I have to admit he does look shady as hell. If I would see him walking in the street I’d turn around and walk the other way. If you live in Chile and you are a student, you would have heard about him, and he’d be ... Read More →

Female Stripper Tries To Distracts Dutch Students From Studying

Whenever I was “studying” at university, in the library, this kind of stuff never happened. I wish it had though, it certainly would have provided an interesting distraction! Vifit, a Dutch drinks company, recently released an interesting video which seeme... Read More →

6th Formers Mark the Start Of A-Levels With A Pint

These sixth formers, who are thought to be around 17-years-old, were spotted in their school uniforms at the Cheshire Midland Pub in Hale, in Cheshire. The teenagers are thought to be students from the nearby Altrincham Grammar School, in which these green bla... Read More →

The Walking Dead Store In Portugal Lets You Pay With Blood

FOX Portugal teamed up with the National Portuguese Blood Bank IPST, to promote the beginning of The Walking Dead show’s 4th Season in a very unusual way. Together they set up a shop where fans could donate their blood… as currency. Yes you read that right... Read More →

X-Men Fan Builds His Own Working Wolverine Claws

I have always been a Wolverine fan – and his adamantium claws are just awesome and should come in handy at times. Who wouldn’t want to have such claws? This is what British inventor and TV presenter Colin Furze must have thought when he built his own W... Read More →

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