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The Nutella Stretcher

This “Nutella Stretcher” picture has been racing around the Internet the last few days. It claims to be the perfect knife for emptying the jar and spreading Nutella. Is this real or a fake? Sure looks like something you could use to empty out a Nutella ja... Read More →

Pubidome – Pubic Hair Transplant Therapy

Get the curls – Get the girls. Pubidome is the brainchild of world-renowned scientist, ‘Dr. Heffenschteiner’, and it uses the pubic hair from men’s genitals to replace the missing hair on their heads – strand by strand – wit... Read More →

Would You Eat A Urinal Cake For £10?

A video has emerged of a young man swallowing a urinal cake for £10. Evidently desperate for cash, the young man is seen plucking the cake out of the urinal trough in a pub or club toilet before agreeing to eat it for a measly £10 reward. He grabs the urinal... Read More →

Can This Woman Eat A 2kg Steak In Under 3 Minutes?

Molly Schuyler, a competitive eater and mother of four from Nebraska, has set a world record after she absolutely devoured a 72 oz. (4.5 pounds or 2.04 kg) steak in less than 3 minutes. Watch the video below and let us know what you think? I wonder how her sto... Read More →

Is This The Worst X-Ray Ever?

A Chinese man, in Fuzhou, the capital of the Fujian Province, got a bottle stuck in his anus and as a result was forced to go to hospital for medical help after attempting – and failing – to fish it out using a curved piece of wire. The man went to hospita... Read More →

1.3 Million People Follow This Bum On Instagram

Jen Selter, 20, of Roslyn, Long Island, is the queen bee of butts on the image-based social networking site, Instagram. Jen started posting photos of her butt occasionally on Instagram in March 2012 while still attending cosmetology school and working at a gym... Read More →

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