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Why God Never Received A PhD

If you look at the image above, then you can see some very convincing points, why God never received a PhD. He never made any references, which is important in any publication and there are those who say he didn’t even write the Bible himself! So did God... Read More →

Students Launch UK’s First University Bodybuilding Competition

Students Max Kalu, David Bissell and Sean Lee Rice have launched the UK’s first university-based fitness show – the aptly named ‘Mr University’. The event, which took place in Leicester, saw 40 finalists from more than 20 universities a... Read More →

Student’s Michael Jackson Dance Wins School Talent Contest

This video could be right out of a Hollywood movie: A skinny kid enters a school talent show and he owns it. The crowd goes wild as soon as they see his moves. Brett Nichols from Turlock, California, started practising Michael Jackson dance moves about 10 year... Read More →

When Pranking Goes Wrong – This Guy Pranked The Wrong Dad

So this guy tries to prank his dad – a prank many random people have tried before. Most of the time it doesn’t end well – as you can imagine. So will this be different? No, it won’t and it gets pretty bad. I do have to say whoever would do this... Read More →

Video: Ever Wondered What DJs Really Do On Stage?

This must be a universal question: what do DJs really do on stage? Long gone are the days when DJs had to carry heavy cases filled with vinyl records. Through advances in technology the music scene has progressed and with the flick of a button you can now prod... Read More →

Chilean Activist Destroys $500m Student Debt – Saint Or Sinner?

I have never heard of this guy and I have to admit he does look shady as hell. If I would see him walking in the street I’d turn around and walk the other way. If you live in Chile and you are a student, you would have heard about him, and he’d be ... Read More →

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