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1.3 Million People Follow This Bum On Instagram

Jen Selter, 20, of Roslyn, Long Island, is the queen bee of butts on the image-based social networking site, Instagram. Jen started posting photos of her butt occasionally on Instagram in March 2012 while still attending cosmetology school and working at a gym... Read More →

Video: New Mutilation Trend Emerges Among Teens

A new trend has emerged among teenagers where they spray aerosol deodorant onto their skin at close range. Videos have gone viral in which British teenagers take part in the so-called “aerosol challenge” where they film themselves holding the spray... Read More →

Video: Crazy Drunk Mum Attacks Fan

We all know mums can sometimes be a bit embarrassing – but this one is taking embarrassment to another level.  A female Alabama fan known as “Bama Mom” rose to Internet fame after a video, in which she leapt over several rows of seats to attack a... Read More →

Christmas Elf High On A Variety Of Drugs

A man, dressed as an elf,  worked at a local charity stall in Watford and served customers at a Christmas market while high on drugs. Not only did, Sam Briggs, take several different kind of drugs but he filmed himself while working on a charity gift-wrappin... Read More →

Banned Australian Burger Advert

A ‘degrading’ advertisement depicting a beef patty sandwiched between a woman’s buttocks has been banned in Australia. The ad had been used to promote the opening of a new GoodTime Burgers outlet in Sydney’s Bondi Junction. The advertis... Read More →

Swedish Man Left With Glass In His Face

Patrik Moberg, 23, was glassed in the face during a brawl on a one-day cruise to Finland, and as a result was stitched up right away on the cruise ship. The doctor had failed to see a huge piece of glass, that was still embedded in his face. It took Mr. Moberg... Read More →

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