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Mormon Missionary Has Dance-Off With Michael Jackson Impersonator

This kind of stuff you don’t see everyday! In Barcelona, Spain a Mormon missionary and a Michael Jackson impersonator had a wild dance-off. I have to admit both seem to have some pretty good dance skills. The video has since gone viral and has been viewe... Read More →

Giant 50ft Crab Found in Whitstable Harbour, Kent

A seaside town usually famed for its oysters, has become the setting for a very unusual scene. A photo posted on a website called “Weird Whitstable” seems to show a 50ft “Crabzilla” in Whitstable Harbour. Some say it is nothing more tha... Read More →

This Woman Earns A Six-figure Income for Shaking Her Bottom

A 22-year-old, former teaching assistant, now earns a staggering six-figure income by… just shaking her bottom. The now social media star has audiences from around the world who pay to see her twerking! Jessica Vanessa quit her job after advertisers disc... Read More →

Is this the World’s Most Expensive Car Vandalism?

The Bugatti Veyron costs about £1.5 million, and as you can imagine very few can afford such a car! Nevertheless, the enormous price tag does not protect such a car from vandals. Somewhere in Seattle someone painted a big old cock and balls on the bonnet of t... Read More →

NYC Taxi Drivers Release Hilarious Calendar

We probably all have heard of the Pirelli calendars which feature some of the hottest women! So hot that the calendars are treated like gold. They usually sell out within days. The NYC cab drivers have now done their own version – and it is the exact opp... Read More →

Delete My Browser History… When I die

Only lads will get this! I need one for myself Some will have their blood type etched into a bracelet and others only have… well this! Image Source: Screenshot/2014... Read More →

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