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The Banned TomTom Ad With Model Alexandria Morgan (NSFW Video)

TomTom’s new ad is trying to promote the satnav brand’s latest fitness tracker. How would TomTom successfully promote something like that you might think? Have you ever heard of Alexandria Morgan? Neither have I, but I am sure this will all change ... Read More →

Facebook Bans Warwick Female Rowing Calendar After Branding It As Porn

The University of Warwick Rowing Society’s charity calendar has been branded as pornography by Facebook. After uploading the images to Facebook, it was quickly banned due the naked nature of the images. The calendar, featuring 17 members of the Rowing so... Read More →

Walter White In Space – Kind Of…

So why is there a picture of a Walter White bobblehead in space? Did someone smoke too much crack? No, I do not think so. Fans of the popular TV site TVtag voted Walter White as the company’s first space ambassador, sending the Breaking Bad protagonist 8... Read More →

Video: 34-Year-Old Gets Owned By A 17-Year-Old

You don’t usually see fights like this. I did not expect that. I can tell you one thing though, I bet that kid wrestled in school. Those moves are typical of a wrestling man. Fair play to the boy. He got some balls. How did this start? According to very ... Read More →

Guilty Dog Showers Crying Baby With Gifts

A video has gone viral in which a beagle, named Charlie, initially disrupts a little girl by taking away one of the toys from her rocker. The baby then begins to cry and the beagle tries to apologise for stealing her toy by showering the baby with gifts. He su... Read More →

New Social Experiment Separates Sidewalk into Two Lanes

As part of National Geographic’s Mind Over Masses TV show, a sidewalk, in downtown Washington, was split into two sections; one for cellphone users and the other for those not using a cellphone. The idea behind this stunt is to research human behavior an... Read More →

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