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World’s Most Pierced Man Denied Entry To Dubai

A heavily tattooed and pierced German man, with 453 piercings, was refused entry to Dubai without reason. The information technology professional from Dortmund, Germany, was scheduled to appear at a local club. Although immigration agents initially stamped his... Read More →

Lightning Strikes In Couple’s Engagement Photo

During a photo shoot Photographer Elizabeth van der Bij noticed that the skies turned black and the wind started picking up. Although her clients’ engagement photos were supposed to be unique, they could not have expected what happened next. Although rushing... Read More →

Redbeard Brew Bars – The Start Up Story

“In September, 2013, we left steady jobs, moved back to our hometown, and decided to do our own thing. We’re making every effort to live the simple, uncomplicated good life. And we’re grateful every single day that we’re hanging out as ... Read More →

Is This The world’s Most Loyal McDonald’s Customer?

This guy is attached to some kind of motorised stretcher, which doesn’t stop him from visiting his favorite fast food restaurant. I have no idea why he is on the stretcher, but he goes straight to the McDonald’s drive-thru! If that isn’t comm... Read More →

The United States Visualized By Distance To The Nearest McDonald’s

This map shows all the McDonald’s locations in America as of 2010. In an attempt to find the most remote pieces of wilderness in the lower 48 states Stephen Von Worley, from the blog Weather Sealed, created this visualization that represents distances to the... Read More →

Great White Shark Appears In Boating Pond In Finsbury Park

Unsuspecting rowers got the shock of a lifetime when they spotted a shark’s fin in a boating pond in North London. The shark came uncomfortably close to the rowers’ boats, causing a sudden outbreak of panic on the usually-calm lake. Some of the guests ... Read More →

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