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Crazy Paraglider Swoops Down Between Two Buildings In Hawaii

This video isn’t for the fainthearted. Professional Paraglider Derek Dutton flies right through the Makaha Valley Towers in Oahu, Hawaii. The speed in which he performs the stunt is breathtaking. Image Source: Screenshot/Youtube/2014... Read More →

Visitor Centre In Welsh Town Is a Workman’s Hut

I always knew that things were different in Wales, but never would I have thought that they were that different. In Colwyn Bay, a small town on the north Wales coast, a new visitor centre recently opened its doors. This would usually not make the news headline... Read More →

I Have No Words…. Do You?

I would love to know how to talk to my cat, no idea though if she knows anything about gun safety? Image Source: Screenshot/2014... Read More →

That’s The Right Way To Do It

Instead of using the same for both this chap went the extra mile and bought two separate ones – nice and tidy. What a lad!... Read More →

Swansea University Student Becomes Part-Time Porn Star

21-year-old Swansea University student Luke-Kristopher Davis was invited to star in a porn movie while on holiday in Barcelona. He was directly approached by porn director Erika Lust and offered to star in an erotic film. According to the Oxford-born student, ... Read More →

This Is How People Queue In Asia

Probably one of the smartest way to queue – never seen anything alike. Human intelligence at its best. Image Source: Screenshot/2014... Read More →

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