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Do You Trust Me?

This is the ultimate trust test. Seems like these two freaks went out of their way to take this shot! Hanging from the top of the Burj Al Arab in Dubai! Is it real or fake? What do you think? Image Source: Screenshot/2015... Read More →

Is This The Sexiest Mechanical Bull Ride Ever?

I am not too familiar with this sport, but it seems to be pretty big in Texas and the surrounding areas. Nevertheless, this woman has a very unusual skill! She knows how to ride or shall I say cling on, to that bull. Watch the video and you will see what I mea... Read More → The Professional Poop Delivery Service

The website “IPoopYou” delivers fresh poop to an address of your choice. Either for the perfect gift or just as a joke, users are able to pick their favorite poop from a catalog and surprise that special someone. Every poop will arrive at its desti... Read More →

Crazy Australian Guy Runs Into Tornado To Take Selfie

A video posted on YouTube shows an Australian man jumping out of his car to take a selfie with a desert tornado in the outback. The man can be seen driving up to a dust devil (tornado) and after exiting the car the man runs up close to the tornado to take the ... Read More →

This Guy Had One Chance…

Yeap – this guy had one chance to look good and make it happen. Seems to me he had a few too many or he just wasn’t prepared. In anyway it is fair to say this was not a good photo Image Source: Screenshot/2014... Read More →

Indian Boy Suffers From Mysterious Disorder Giving Him Giant Hands

This 8-year-old Indian boy suffers from a very rare, undiagnosed disorder that causes his hands to grow uncontrollably. Kaleem’s hands weigh over 8 kilograms each and are about 13 inches in length. Due to his disability he isn’t able to perform sim... Read More →

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