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Stephen Hawking Poses With A Gang Of Superheroes

While dining out with his son, Stephen Hawking, bumped into a group of young men dressed as the “Bananaman” who where out on a stag do in Cambridge. How often do you bump into Stephen Hawking? Exactly, not very often! That’s why a selfie with... Read More →

Yoga Pants Prank: Guy Wearing Yoga Pants Freaks Out Guys

U.S. comedian Yousef Saleh Eraka a.k.a “Fousey Tube” has pulled of another successful prank. For this prank he made his bottom half look like a girl to trick dudes into staring at his butt before realising they were perving on a man. How bad is tha... Read More →

When Taxidermy Goes Wrong

This is what happens when people do jobs they are not qualified for. I am pretty sure that whoever “worked” on this poor guy had no idea what he was doing? Anything on four legs would have reminded him that animals have knees…and necks.  Im... Read More →

‘Attractive Convict’ Woman Sues Website Over Mug Shot

28-year-old, Meagan Simmons, a convicted drunk driver has filed a lawsuit against a background check website, saying the company used her attractive arrest booking photo for commercial and advertising purposes, without compensating her or even getting her perm... Read More →

Meth Cooker Arrested While Wearing Breaking Bad T-Shirt

According to the Chicago Tribune, Police in Cook County, arrested a young meth cooker who had been wearing a T-shirt bearing the logo of Los Pollos Hermanos – a fictional fried chicken restaurant from the the AMC drama “Breaking Bad”.  Th... Read More →

The Unknown Beatles Album From Another Dimension

You have probably read the headline and thought what the heck is going on? I thought the same when I first heard about this story. There is a guy out there who claims to be in possession of a Beatles album which has never been released, and isn’t even fr... Read More →

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