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Only In The USA: The 99 Beer Pack For 99 Dollars

Texas brewery Austin Beerworks released the first ever 99-pack of beer as a promotional joke. They sold out so quickly and created such a viral sensation that the brewery decided to keep offering them. Priced at $99, the 99 beer pack is seven feet long and we... Read More →

Eating Bananas On Top Of A Skyscraper In Hong Kong

So these guys decided they wanted to do something unusual – and so they did. Photographers Daniel Lau, Andrew Tso, and A.S. decided to have a banana break on top of the spire of The Centre, the fifth tallest building in Hong Kong, which has 73 floors and... Read More →

Dad Destroys Son’s Video Games With a Lawn Mower

In an attempt to make his son get out and get a job for a living, a frustrated father, armed with a riding mower, decides to take matters into his own hands – by destroying his son’s video game collection! As you can imagine his son was not impressed. ... Read More →

Dumbest Kickstarter Campaign Ever?

After seeing this you will agree: Not every Kickstarter idea can be a winner! Especially this one! Who would buy that? Kinda wacky idea right from the start! Image Source: Screenshot/Kickstarter/2014/... Read More →

Watch People Get Tasered For A Photoshoot

What could be funnier than watching people get tasered? This is what Patrick Hall must have thought when he came up with this very unusual idea! He filmed the reactions of people who got tasered with a hand-held stun gun! All models in the video got zapped wit... Read More →

Do You Trust Me?

This is the ultimate trust test. Seems like these two freaks went out of their way to take this shot! Hanging from the top of the Burj Al Arab in Dubai! Is it real or fake? What do you think? Image Source: Screenshot/2015... Read More →

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