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This Is Probably The Weirdest Video You Have Seen Today

I have seen many weird videos in my lifetime – I can promise you that. This one though is probably one of the weirdest. I do not know why this chap is doing what he is doing, but he will have his own reasons. Just don’t think too much while you are wat... Read More →

Graduation Fail

This is probably the worst thing that can happen on your graduation – you slip and fall. Look at the guys in the background, all trying hard not to laugh. This will haunt her for a while Image Source: Screenshot/2014... Read More →

Tiny Flat In Islington Causes Outrage

If you look at the image above you might think that the flat looks a little bit cramped. Indeed it is, but this is not the only issue with it. The flat is advertised as a studio flat in Islington, on Kember Street, and is billed as having a reception, kitchen ... Read More →

A Real Life Nightmare In An Elevator

What this guy experiences in the video below, must be the stuff out of which nightmares are made. I cannot think of anything more terrifying. This elevator must have had a malfunction and shot up towards the roof reaching a speed of approximately 50 mph. The p... Read More →

Students Hire Mariachi Band To Troll Their Principal

I wish I had had that idea when I was at university. Seniors at Santa Barbara High School hired a mariachi band to follow their principal around for the day, trolling him with the sounds of classical Spanish guitar and trumpet. Can you imagine anything more an... Read More →

Fake Grandpa Joins Football Match And Owns Everyone

This is probably one of the most entertaining videos out there at the moment. Just watch as this grandpa outplays all his opponents. The reactions of the crowd are just priceless. Mexican department store Coppel hired world champion freestyler Sean Garnier to ... Read More →

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