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Fake Grandpa Joins Football Match And Owns Everyone

This is probably one of the most entertaining videos out there at the moment. Just watch as this grandpa outplays all his opponents. The reactions of the crowd are just priceless. Mexican department store Coppel hired world champion freestyler Sean Garnier to ... Read More →

This Cop’s Face When…..

Look at that man’s face when he sees Rihanna’s boobs – it is priceless. I am surprised his tongue didn’t fall out. To be fair every lad would have a similar look on his face after seeing what the superstar was wearing – next to nothing. I... Read More →

This Is How Every Online Job Posting Starts

We all know the drill – you suddenly find a job online, that seems interesting which in general takes ages to find. You start reading the job description from the top, and you start feeling butterflies in your stomach but yet you are careful. You do not want... Read More →

Drunk Pensioner Sings On Train – Everyone Loves It

Usually when people get drunk in England it ends pretty violently. Not so this time! Passengers travelling on Monday from London Victoria to Ashford were suddenly treated to a sing-a-long.  A slightly drunk 60-something man got to his feet and started singing... Read More →

Modern Day Sparta

If you have seen the first “300” movie, which is based on the 1998 comic series and directed by Frank Miller, then you will understand this image. If you haven’t seen it, move on and look at the next picture Image Source: Screenshot/2014/unknown... Read More →

Latest Viral: The Moment A Plane Nearly Lands On A Sunbather

Who knew that sunbathing can be that dangerous? A plane nearly landed on a sunbather after the pilot flew dangerously low across a beach. According to various different newspaper outlets the plane was piloted by Juergen Drucker, 52, who flew along the coast of... Read More →

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